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Making a letter -e-mail : Ro Bor

Making a Letter – e-mail

Sunday, May 2nd.

Today  was a boring day, it rained all day.

I stayed inside. I watched TV all morning.

The shows were boring.

Then I called my friend, Nancy.

She wasn’t home.

Then I ate lunch and took a long nap.

I’m glad tomorrow is Monday.

I can go to school and see my friends.

 Dear Grace

Yesterday ,I got in a trouble again.

 I was late for school

Because, I couldn’t find my workbook.

 I had to stay after school-

-and do my homework  again.

 I was upset. What should I do?

 Yours truly,


 Dear Kris,

The answer to your problem is easy.

You should get organized.

 You should find a special place-

-to keep your books and School bag.

 Always keep your school bag in the same place

after school Until you finish your homework.

 In the morning, It will be easy to find your bag

 And you won’t be late anymore.

 Yours truly,



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